Who thought we would say that so close to the holiday? Well we found a most fabulous creature in the coral reef and these worms are called Christmas Tree Worms! Come learn about these colorful creatures!

e & e snorkeling

  • Christmas tree worms are invertebrates. They live in tropical coral reefs around the world.
  • Christmas tree worms bore into coral and stay put. Most of their body is not visible.ctw3






  • The two appendages that are visible are used to help the worm breath. Those feathery tops are used to grab prey too!
  • They can pull those “tree tops” into their tubes when they feel threatened by predators!






  • Christmas tree worms have segmented bodies.
  • They average around 1.5 inches.


We love these feathery looking worms! Ocean dwelling creatures never fail to amaze us! Now if we could just get some of these trees for HQs; we know they would brighten up our holiday decor!

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