swow ruminant

Hello and welcome to class! I hope you enjoyed learning about hippos yesterday! Today we are talking about animals with funny stomachs! Let’s get right to it!

Today’s Science Word is Ruminant: an animal that has more than one stomach or a chambered stomach. Ruminants swallow their food and then regurgitate it and chew it again. Ruminants include cows and sheep!

I picked this word because we are quickly approaching the Lunar New Year and it’s the year of the sheep or ram! Ellie and Edmond wanted to celebrate by meeting some wild members of the sheep family- tomorrow they head to Rocky Mountains to meet some Bighorn Sheep- who are ruminants! Until then, enjoy a Bighorn sheep coloring sheet!

bighorn sheep coloring sheet

Can you spot us on the map? We’re heading to the Rocky Mountains tomorrow!

Juxtaposer Image(2)

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