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Happy International Bat Day!! We’re celebrating this fun flying mammals with great fun facts and photos! Make sure to check out our Instagram account tomorrow for a fun How to Draw a Bat video!


  • Fruit bats are essential for seed dispersal. When they eat fruit, the seeds are pooped out and that helps forests grow.
  • Bats make up 25% of all mammal species.
  • The largest known colony of bats is Texas. Millions of Mexican free tailed bats roost from May to October.

bat6   bat5






  • Mother bats can find their pups in large colonies by scent and sound.
  • Bat poop (guano) is used as fertilizer.
  • Bat fossils have been found that are 33 million years old. bat2
  • Bats have five toes on each food.
  • Don’t like mosquitoes? A brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes an hour!
  • The smallest bat is the Bumblebee bat and it weighs less than a penny.

Wow! Bats are soooo amazing! They can eat pests and provide seeds for forest growth! We just love all of these flying mammals! Do you have a favorite bat species? We see the brown ones near the University of E&E!

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  1. Dangrdafne

    I’m particular to the species in the very first picture on this post 😉 I love that bats love Mosquitos. Can’t wait to see the drawing video.

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