We just love these flightless birds! Edmond was so inspired to by penguins he wrote a poem for them on World Penguin Day! You can check out last year’s post with fun drawings here!  Ellie drew a wonderful penguin coloring sheet too! Make sure to check out our Instagram account (@ellieandedmond) for our How to Draw a Penguin video too!



by Edmond Horse

Penguins! We love you for your formal attire; even though you aren’t great fliers!

Penguins! We love the way you waddle; you have no time to dawdle!

Penguins! We love your little hidden knees! We wish we could see them- pretty please?

Penguins! We love that you sneeze salt; this adaptation we exalt!

Penguins! We love that you are big fish eaters and you can dive many meters!

Penguins! We love the largest of your species; those Emperors live where it freezes!

Penguins! We love it when your feathers molt, it’s as if they all revolt!

Penguins, penguins, penguins so many reasons to love you and these have been just a few!


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One thought on “WORLD PENGUIN DAY!!

  1. Dangrdafne

    Don’t tell Mocha and George but penguins are one of my most favorite animals. Ever since I went to Alaska as a child and thought I would see penguins I have loved them. I have a vast collection too. They are adorable and have such personalities. We even went to Penguin Palooza at the Camden Aquarium years ago. Excellent poem and a great celebration.

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