We’re celebrating some fun animals today! Tapirs are a bit odd looking with their elongated snoots and their hooved feet.

You might even think they are related to elephants, but they are not! Tapirs are in fact related to horses! Isn’t that cool! If you forgot that fun fact, you revisit our We Are Fanimaly!


Fun Tapir Facts:

  • They have long prehensile mini trunks that are actually their noses and lips!
  • Tapirs are herbivores.
  • Tapirs are seed dispensers! They poop out the seeds of the fruit they eat and those seeds help forest growth.
  • Tapirs are excellent swimmers!
  • Tapirs live in South and Central America and parts of Asia.
  • All four species of tapirs are endangered!
  • Baby tapirs are covered in spots to help them camouflage!


tapir3  tapir4

Enjoy our tapir coloring sheet!


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3 thoughts on “HAPPY WORLD TAPIR DAY!!

  1. Woohoo! I love tapirs!! 😄💚

  2. dangrdafne

    I believe a friend of mine has a tapir tattoo. They are very interesting animals.

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