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We loooooove the ocean! That’s a good thing too since it cover’s 70% of our planet! There are so many amazing creatures and habitats in the oceans, many of which have yet to be discovered! The oceans are home to largest animal ever on earth- the blue whale! The oceans (or the phytoplankton that lives in the ocean) provide our planet with 50-85% of the oxygen we breathe. The oceans provide us with food, recreation and wonder! For all the reasons and many more- we must all learn to keep these oceans clean! Print out this great coloring sheet we have for you and tell us why you love the ocean!


This year we are challenging our readers to ditch any products with microbeads in them. These tiny beads are getting into our oceans and causing havoc on the natural habitat! We’re also challenging you to keep plastic out of our oceans! Each year, large whales to small birds fall prey to trash! We can make a difference; share this information with a friend, encourage your office to start recycling or attend a beach clean-up! Together we can help our oceans and their amazing inhabitants! To learn more check out the official World Ocean Day Website!


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2 thoughts on “WORLD OCEANS DAY 2015!!

  1. Dangrdafne

    More coloring! And for something so cool. We love the ocean. The boys and I were just at the beach (and people are not very kind to the beach – we found lots of yuck in the sand). We happily recycle at home and work, it is critical.

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