Since yesterday was World Oceans Day and June is Oceans Month we’re featuring sea creatures all week! Today we want to introduce you to Shelly the Sea Cucumber!

Sketches - 111

Hi everyone! I’m Shelly the sea cucumber! I’m here to tell you all about myself and my fellow sea cucumber pals!

  • I’m a bottom dweller!
  • I have feeding tentacles that come out of my mouth to grab food.
  • I eat algae, waste material and tiny animals.
  • The waste I produce helps recycle nutrients. I am often called the vacuum cleaner of the oceans!
  • I do have an endoskeleton of very small bony plates that sit under my skin.
  • I’m an echinoderm! My relatives include the sea star and the sea urchin! I do not have 5 segmented body parts like those cousins!
  • There are around 1,700 species of sea cucumbers. It’s a good thing we don’t have family reunions.
  • Some of us expel our internal organs when we feel threatened. I know it is kind of gross, but it’s effective.
  • Some of us just taste bad to protect ourselves.
  • I have no eyes and no true brain.

sea cucumber3   sea cucumber2sea cucumber

I sure hope you have enjoyed learning more about me and my other sea cucumber friends! Happy oceans month!

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2 thoughts on “MEET A SEA CUCUMBER!!

  1. Dangrdafne

    So odd. A moving vegetable? Info I did not know.

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