We love wobbegong sharks- in fact they may be one of our favorites! We have a wonderful poem about the wobbegong along with a coloring sheet! Enjoy! Make sure you check out our Instagram and Facebook pages- we have a groovy shark we have a groovy shark video to wrap up shark week!

O Woe is Wobbegong

O woe is me the wobbegong!
I lay here on the ocean floor!
I have fringe on my face called barbels.
They are not useful for picking up marbles.

O woe is me the wobbegong!
I am a shark don’t get me wrong.
I blend in with the sand and rocks.
I have fins so no need for socks!

O woe is me the wobbegong!
Laying here singing my sad song.
I don’t have to swim to breathe;
I have spiracles- nifty, see?

O woe is me the wobbegong!
My jaws and teeth are very strong.
I lie and wait until I see…
A fish!


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One thought on “O WOE IS WOBBEGONG!

  1. dangrdafne

    Awww I love poetry. Very nice poem. Sorry we missed the coloring.

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