Welcome to camp Ellie and Edmond, located on beautiful Lake Salamander! We’re looking forward to the next two weeks of activities, crafts and of course learning about nature and animals! We look forward to meeting our campers and enjoying campfires and telling stories about the ghost bear! Are you ready for camp? What activities will you not miss and what animals do you want to learn about?


Today we’re going to learn the camp song! Who’s ready to sing it with us?

On the shores of Lake Salamander, amongst the old live oak…

We enjoy Camp Ellie and Edmond and the frogs that croak.

We salute you Camp E & E and all your animal friends…

All our days are each a gem.

While we sit next to the campfire, telling stories of old…

We laugh and sing and watch the stars of gold.

We love you Camp E &E and all our memories of our days…

We hold Camp E & E close to our hearts and we’ll never stray!

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2 thoughts on “CAMP E & E!

  1. dangrdafne

    Mocha and George love to sing. What a wonderful camp song.
    Anything Ellie and Edmond do will be fun for us.
    We do all like learning about animals you don’t hear much about – like your sea life posts recently.
    Can’t wait!

  2. Looking forward to our camp out! (Especially as my high-spec RV is parked round the back of that rock!)

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