One of the best parts of being at camp is watching the fireflies at night while we sit around the camp fire. We love to count them and somehow it never works out- hehehe! We’re going to learn about these amazing beetles! We have a great firefly coloring sheet too! On Wednesday if you tweet, Facebook or Instagram us a picture of a firefly or fact that you learned about them, we’ll give you a firefly badge!


Firefly fun facts:

  • Fireflies are beetles.
  • Most of them have wings.
  • They on every continent except the Antarctica and the Arctic circle.
  • There are around 2,000 species of fireflies in the world.
  • Fireflies get that famous glow from a special organ under their abdomen. They take oxygen in to that organ and  it produces the glow with no heat!
  • Each species of firefly has their own pattern of flashes.
  • These lights are used to find potential mates.
  • These bioluminescent beetles can glow with yellow, red or green.
  • Scientist think that fireflies use their glow to help warn predators that they taste bad.
  • Fireflies are omnivores, eating worms as larva and nectar as adults.


We here at Camp E & E call fireflies, lightening bugs! It’s fun to gather them in a jar with holes poked in the lid to watch them glow for a bit and return them to the skies to find a mate. What do you call fireflies in your neck of the woods?

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One thought on “FIREFLIES!!

  1. dangrdafne

    When I was a kid they were lightening bugs but as I got older and heard them called fireflies, now I use both. They are amazing either way. Excellent tidbits here of many things I did not know.

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