We sure hope you’re enjoying camp! We’ve got a few more days to go! Sitting by the camp fire tonight we’re enjoying all the sounds you hear at camp! Often you can not see these animals but you can identify them by their sounds. We’re going to share a few with you and see if you can guess who the animals are?


Can you guess this first one?

Who do you think this is?

What about this animal?

And who is this one?

Listen good for this one!

What about this animal?

Did you get all the animal sounds right? Tweet or Facebook or Comment us your answers and we’ll send you the all ears badge!


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3 thoughts on “CAMP AT NIGHT!

  1. Cicada
    Edmond after too much pie
    Coyotes? (sounds a bit, but not enough like a wolf)
    Sounds like a rattle snake on a pogo stick (this is getting silly!)
    A blind moose (aka “no eye deer” / no idea)

    I’m sorry, I tried to take it seriously but I have almost no idea at all – I need to come to camp more often!

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