We’re off in search of salamanders and newts around Lake Salamander today at camp! Grab your canoe and let’s go exploring campers! We’re hoping to spot the Rough Skinned Newt!

E & E lake

Fun Facts:

  • The Rough Skinned Newt is an amphibian. Other amphibians also include frogs, toads and salamanders.
  • Rough skinned newts have rough, bumpy skin as implied by their name.

rough skinned newt

  • They are extremely toxic. They produce a strong toxin that can cause death if eaten. It can also be absorbed through the skin if you have an open cut or wound.                                          IMG_3331
  • They are brownish-black in color with yellow to orange bellies.
  • Rough skinned newts are nocturnal.
  • They can live as long as 12 years!
  • The common garter snake is the rough skinned newt’s only predator. The snakes have developed immunity to their toxin.

rough skinned newt2







Wow! Who knew a cute little newt could be so poisonous? Well we think they are pretty awesome! We think this animal is best seen and not eaten!









Answer: True

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One thought on “AMPHIBIAN DAY AT CAMP!

  1. dangrdafne

    I had no idea there were toxic newts. How common are they? Would I see them in Pennsylvania??

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