Howdy! I’m Carl the Chameleon! I’m the new professor of reptiles and amphibians here at the University. I know my reptile and amphibian friends don’t get the same love as the mammals or birds, but we are a very important part of habitats of the earth. Along with Ellie and Edmond we want everyone to love reptiles and amphibians!
I’m a Panther Chameleon and I’ve traveled all the way from home on the island of Madagascar to be here. That’s right I lived on the island off the coast of Africa that is famous for lemurs, see it’s always the mammals that get all the attention. Well, I live in the same forests that some of those guys did and I too am an important part of the ecosystem. I love to eat insects! I use my lightning fast and super long tongue to catch them! Deeeelicious!
I have two toes that are fused together and three more that fused together, these toes help me grip and climb! My eyes rotate separately from each other and they give me a 360 degree view of the world. I can also see ultraviolet light, I bet most of you mammals can’t do that!
And yes I can change color, but I do not do it to match my surroundings. My color is changes when the temperature changes or according to my mood. It’s not easy being green or yellow or orange!

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  1. Thank you it was very interesting

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