Hello everyone! My name is Rita the Rat. I am the new professor of geography and habitats at the University of Ellie and Edmond! I am so super excited to be teaching everyone about habitats around the world! We animals live in extremes, from the driest desert to the coldest Antarctic homes. I get to tell you about these types of habitats and where they are located on the planet. I’ll even be sharing some of the local customs and languages of the people that may share the habitat with the animals.

I’m a Norwegian rat and my relatives live all over the world. We’re also know to be kept as pets and I must say we are generally a very friendly lot! We are very social animals and usually live in large family groups. We get a bad reputation, but we are very important! We are scavengers and help keep things clean and many of my wild relatives are a big part of the food web! Did you know that there are rats who help humans detect land mines? That’s right, we are extremely helpful and I must say- adorable! I look forward to sharing the world with you here at the University!

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One thought on “RITA THE RAT!!

  1. Another great blog, I like rats

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