whale shark2

Today it International Whale Shark Day! So let’s celebrate these gentle giants of the oceans!

  • Whale sharks are the largest fish in the oceans!
  • They are sharks, with full cartilaginous skeletons!
  • Whale sharks are filter feeders! They eat plankton that they filter out of the water.


  • Whale sharks prefer temperate to tropical waters.
  • Whale sharks are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN list.
  • Whale sharks can live up to 70 years!
  • Every whale shark has a unique spot pattern.
  • Whale sharks are classified as carpet sharks, which include nurse sharks and our favorite the wobbegong!

whale sharks







Answer: A) 3 feet

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3 thoughts on “WHALE SHARK DAY!!

  1. Anonymous

    That was very interesting my friends we even have Whale Sharks in the UK

  2. We have Whale Sharks in the UK too. Thank you your blogs are very interesting.

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