Hellooooo!!! I’m Gracie the Grasshopper! I am the new professor of insects and invertebrates here at the University of Ellie and Edmond. I’m hoping with excitement to share the world of my insect friends with you. I know Carl the Chameleon and Rita the rat think they get no respect, well try being a small multi-legged animal that people think are gross, horrifying or yucky!!
I’ve got a big job ahead of me to teach you about all the amazing insects of the world. Ok, it may not be all the insects of the world, because there are nearly 1 million species of insects and scientists estimate that number is only about 80% of what has been discovered.  That’s right folks, we insects rule the earth!! And without us you couldn’t survive!!

I live right near the University! Ellie and Edmond were out taking a stroll and we struck up a conversation! I was so elated when they asked me to take this position. Along with my other grasshopper relatives I am an herbivore.  I have large compound eyes and antennae on my head. I also have a nifty exoskeleton and I can camouflage to hide myself rom predators! Man can I jump! I love jumping! I jump from plant to plant munching away! I’m ready to jump into the world of insects and I hope you come along!!!

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