Hi everyone! I’m Sylvia the Seahorse! I’m the last of the new professors to introduce myself here at the University of Ellie and Edmond! I’m named after Sylvia Earl, the famous ocean explorer! I’ll be here to teach you all about the fish of the world’s oceans and freshwater habitats. Fish come in all sizes and shapes and we live at the very deepest parts of the oceans to the rivers at the tops of mountains! Some of us are colorful and oddly shaped and others of us are plain.
Most people don’t know that I am a fish, but I am! I live in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia! I’m not the strongest swimmer as my dorsal fin is very small, so I stay close to the corals, where I hang on with my tail. I eat small plankton and crustaceans that I suck into my snout. I must constantly eat because I have no stomach. I can eat up to 3,000 shrimp a day! They sure are tasty. I have a mate who incubates our young. That’s right the male seahorse has a pouch that he carries the eggs in until the hatch.
I am so excited to share more about myself and my fish friends here at The University! I hope you’re excited too!

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  1. Thank you very interesting

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