We’re celebrating vultures today! We bet you aren’t ready for your International Vulture Day party are you? Well, we have you covered! We’ve got pictures, fun facts and a coloring sheet!

Our pal Vinny!

Our pal Vinny!


  • There are 23 species of vultures in the world. Fourteen of them are listed as endangered.
  • Vultures are classified as Old world (Europe, Asia, Africa) and New world (Americas).
  • Recent DNA shows that Old world and New world vultures are not related and probably have different ancestors.
  • Vultures eat carrion (dead animals). We like to call them the garbage birds of the world as they can eat things no other animal can.
  • Vultures are social animals.


  • Vultures have an excellent sense of smell and sight!
  • Vultures have featherless heads. This keeps them free of bacteria and parasites!
  • Vultures also urinate on their legs to keep them cool and free of bacteria. Eeeeewwww!
  • The Andean Condor is the largest species of vulture. They have a 9-10 foot wingspan!
  • The Hooded condor is the smallest species of vulture. They are about the size of a crow.
  • When threatened vultures throw up! Double eeeeeeeewww!!!

vulture  vulture2







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  1. Very interesting thank you, they aren’t the most beautiful birds in the world but they are amazing

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