We’re Seeing Red!

We’re Seeing Red!

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Fall has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and that means many animals are starting to hoard or cache food for the winter! Today we are heading to Europe to meet a small rodent who hoards food for the winter! Let’s go meet the red squirrel!

red squirrel

Range/Habitat: Northern Europe- Asia

Diet: Omnivore: seeds, nuts, fungus and bird eggs
Length/Weight: 5-8 inches/ 9-12 oz
Conservation Status: least concern

Fun Facts:

  • Red squirrels coloration depends on where they are located. They can go from red to black.
  • Red squirrels can swim.
  • They are crepuscular.
  • Red squirrels molt their fur generally twice a year.  IMG_4416
  • Red squirrels do not hibernate.
  • They store caches of food for when supplies might be low in the winter. What seed caches are forgotten help plant new trees.
  • Red squirrels are more arboreal.
  • They spend most of their waking days foraging for food.

red squirrel2red squirrel3




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2 thoughts on “We’re Seeing Red!

  1. Anonymous

    Red Squirrels are pretty rare in the UK. The grey squirrel bought in from North America carry a virus that is deadly to the red ones. I would love to see one in the wild. The National Trust own some land in Formby Lancashire where the red’s are protected, been several times but still haven’t seen one!

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