Bird Brain!

Bird Brain!

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We’re off to the mountains of the northeastern United States to meet one amazing bird today! These birds have memories that are hard to match! Come meet the Clark’s nutcrackers!

Range/Habitat: Northwestern United States/mountainous forests

Diet: Omnivore: seed, insects and small animals
Length/Weight: 10-11 inches/3-6 oz
Conservation Status: least concern

clark's nutcrakers

Fun Facts:

  • These birds stay active in the winter and therefore must have food all year round even with snow on the ground.
  • Clark’s nutcrackers store thousands of seeds a year and remember where most of them are stored.
  • Clark’s nutcrackers are members of the crow family.
  • They have a special pouch under their tongue that can hold up to 150 seeds at a time.


  • Clark’s nutcrackers are essential for the seed dispersal of several species of pine trees!
  • Clark’s nutcrackers were discovered on the famous expedition by Lewis and Clark!
  • Both male and female nutcrackers incubate the egg.
  • Clark’s nutcrackers bond for many years.

clark's nutcrakers3clark's nutcrakers2





Clark’s nutcrackers have amazing capabilities! These birds form maps in their minds of where they have stashed thousands and thousands of seeds! It’s like if you close your eyes you can picture where things are in your bedroom- but on a much bigger scale! It is truly awe inspiring! Go Clark’s nutcrackers!

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