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Woohoo! We’re heading to the chilly mountains of Asia to meet one of the more gorgeous and elusive big cats on earth! Happy International Snow Leopard Day! We’re going to celebrate with some fun facts about these neat cats!

snow leopard2

  • Snow leopards live in the mountains of Central Asia.


  • They have some of thickest fur of any animal on earth, up to 5 inches thick.
  • Snow leopards can jump up to 50 feet in on leap.
  • Snow leopards are carnivores, they eat blue sheep and small mammals.
  • Their long tails can grow up to 36 inches, almost as long as their bodies. Their tails help the snow leopard with balance and warmth.

snow leopard

  • Snow leopards are endangered.
  • Snow leopards are known to be shy and solitary.
  • Their feet are built like snow shoes.

snow leopard3

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