World Wombat Day!

World Wombat Day!!

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Come celebrate the wonderful wombat with us today! We love these marsupials from the land down under! Hopefully you will too after you learn some cool stuff about them!


  • Wombats live in Australia.


  • They are marsupials.
  • Wombat pouches face toward the rear instead of towards the mother’s head. This is to make sure the mother doesn’t get dirt in the pouch when digging burrows.
  • They live in burrows that they dig. Some species of wombats share their burrow and some live alone.
  • Wombats are herbivores; they eat grasses, roots and barks.


  • It can take up to 14 days for a wombat to digest its food.
  • Wombat teeth never start growing.
  • Wombats are nocturnal.


  • Wombats can run up to 25 mph.
  • A wombat’s bum is primarily made up of cartilage.
  • During the ice age, wombats were giant sized! They were the largest marsupial known to have ever lived.

giant wombat

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  1. Anonymous

    Love wombats didn’t know their poo is square shaped”

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