A Barrel of Monkeys!


Ok, we don’t have an actual barrel of monkeys, but we have some marvelous monkey facts to share with you! We sure have enjoyed the Year of the Monkey!

  • Monkeys are classified into New World and Old World monkeys. New World monkeys live Central and South America. Old world monkeys live in Africa and Asia.
  • Monkeys vary in size and appearance. They are mostly arboreal, but some monkeys like baboons are terrestrial.
  • The smallest monkey in the world is the pygmy marmoset; they are around 6 inches long. The largest species is the mandrill; they weigh up to 120 lbs.

pygmy marmosetmandrill

  • Only new world (and not all of them) have prehensile tails.
  • Japanese macaques live in most northern habitat of any monkey. These snow monkeys live in the mountains of Japan.

snow monkey

  • Monkeys have hands and feet that are built for gripping. They have opposable thumbs to help them grasp.
  • Colobus monkeys do not have opposable thumbs.

colobus monkey

  • Monkeys are social animals. They live in troops or small family groups.
  • Monkeys use a variety of communication. They use facial expressions, vocalizations and body language.
  • They groom each other not only to keep their fur free of parasites, but as a bonding exercise.

monkeys grooming

Monkeys are amazing mammals. There are 260 species of monkeys in the world. They have some characteristics in common, but vary in habitats, diets and appearance. We love these primates!

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2 thoughts on “A BARREL OF MONKEYS!

  1. Dangrdafne

    “Monkeys are social animals. They live in troops or small family groups.” The most true statement EVER! 😉

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