It’s Easy Being Green!

It’s Easy Being Green!

We’re off to meet an anemone today, not a frog! These brightly colored animals are found in the intertidal zones off the coast of California! Woohoo! Let’s meet them!

e e galapagos

Giant Green Anemone Fun Facts:

  • Giant green anemones can be found along the coast of the Pacific ocean from Canada to Central America.
  • They can grow up to 7 inches in diameter and 17 inches high.
  • Giant green anemones are carnivores and eat muscles, crabs and small fish.
  • Anemones are invertebrates.

giant green anemone

  • They have stinging cells in their tentacles, called nematocysts. Namatocysts sting and paralyzed prey.
  • A giant green anemone can up to six rows of tentacles. FullSizeRender(38)
  • Giant green anemones have a symbiotic relationship with a type of algae called zooxanthellae. The algae gets protection and the anemone gets some nutrition from the algae.
  • The anemones green color does not come from the zooxanthellae.
  • Giant green anemones spit out waste through their mouths.
  • If you ever meet a giant green anemone, their stinging cells can’t hurt human hands, but you can hurt them, so best not to touch.

giant green anemone2Tide pools and intertidal zones are amazing places. They are special spots to visit when you are at the coast. You can find so many interesting creatures living there. We’re excited for Professor Sylvia to show us more of these great habitats tomorrow!

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One thought on “It’s Easy Being Green!

  1. dangrdafne

    I didn’t see these particularly beautiful green anemones in Washington State last year but I did see some variation of them in the tide pools we were able to visit. They are amazing creatures. I would love to see this color in real life. Incredible

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