Meet a Megamouth!

Meet a Megamouth!

Who’s excited for our last week of Camp E&E at the beach!? We are- because it’s SHARK WEEK!! Woohoo! We’re going to meet some super cool shark friends and have a nifty shark craft this week as we wrap things up on the coast! So let’s head off to meet our first super large shark friend- megamouth!


Megamouth Shark Fun Facts:

  •  Megamouth sharks live in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
  • They are carnivores. They are filter feeders and eat krill and plankton.
  • They can grow up to 18 feet long and weigh up to 1,740 lbs.
  • Their status is listed as unknown by the IUCN.
  •  Megamouth sharks were discovered in 1976.
  •  Humans have only seen about 61 individuals.
  •  They live in deep waters!
  •   Megamouth sharks have small dorsal fins.
  •   They feed at the surface at night.
  •   They have a luminescent stripe around their mouth to attract prey.
  •   Megamouth shark mouths can reach a width of up to 4 feet across.


Megamouth sharks are amazing! Can you imagine that we’ve only known about them in the last 30 years? The oceans are full of so many animals that we haven’t even discovered! Oceans- the last frontier!



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