C is for Cookie- Cookie Cutter Shark!

C is for Cookie- Cookie Cutter Shark!

Today we’re meeting a bizarre little shark today! We sure wouldn’t get to close to this crazy critter! Best to look from a distance campers!

  • Cookie cutter sharks can grow up to 22 inches.
  • They live in deep tropical waters world wide- especially near islands.
  • They are carnivores. They eat fish, marine mammals and even other sharkrs.
  • They are listed as least concern by IUCN.

cookie cutter

  • Cookie cutter sharks are members of dogfish family.
  • Cookie cutter sharks have light emitting photophores on it’s underside to blend in with moonlight.
  • They also have a bioluminescent collar that can flash & may help them attract prey.
  • They are famous for the cone shaped chunks it takes out of its prey- including larger sharks, marine mammals and fish.
  • Their famous bite marks have been seen on submarines and underwater cables.
  • Cookie cutter sharks  have lower teeth that are long, sharp and triangular shaped. There have 25-31 teeth on the bottom row of their mouth.
  • They travel in schools.
  • Cookie cutter sharks were discovered in the 1800s, but the strange bite marks were not attributed to the little sharks until the 1970s.

    cookie cutter2

    Aren’t they the craziest looking creatures ever? We think so! What’s your favorite crazy looking shark?

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