Can you guess the shark from the cartoon? Scroll down to the bottom to see if your answers are right and learn a few facts about each shark!

Shark A!

Shark A!


Shark B!

Shark B!


Shark C!

Shark C!






Shark A:

Bull shark!
They tend to head butt prey before biting.
They are known to swim in brackish & fresh water systems.
They are also known as the Zambezi shark.
They can grow to lengths of 11 feet & weigh up to 500lbs.
They are listed as near threatened.


Shark B:
Lemon shark!
They have a horizontal band in their retina that gives them ability to see color and detail.
They are crepuscular.
They rest on ocean floor- to get cleaned by other fish.
They are very social.
They are near threatened.


Shark C:
Tiger shark!

Their famous tiger stripes on a tiger shark usually disappear on adult sharks.

They can grow up to 14 feet long and weigh up to 1,400lbs!

They are called the “wastebaskets of the sea” because they are known to eat anything, including trash.

They are listed as near threatened.

They are nocturnal hunters!



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