• Pacific banana slugs are the 2nd largest species of terrestrial slug on earth. They grow up to 10 inches long and weigh up to 4 ounces.)
  • They can be found from Alaska to California in forests.
  • Pacific banana slugs are decomposers. They decompose plant material and animal droppings. They produce very rich soil which is essential to the habitat they live in.
  • They are mollusks.

banana slug2

  • They have teeth on their tongues.
  • Pacific banana slugs have 2 pairs of tentacles. The larger pair detect light and movement. The smaller pair detect chemicals. They can regrow tentacles.
  • Pacific banana slugs cover themselves in a layer of mucus to protect from themselves from drying out. This slick slime also helps them breathe.
  • They do lay eggs under leaves and cover.
  • Pacific banana slugs have one foot that they use to get them around the forest floor.

banana slug


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One thought on “WE’RE BANANAS- FOR SLUGS!

  1. And they are the college mascot of UC Santa Cruz, in California! (I think that’s the right school) 😂

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