There’s a Tiger in the Woods!

There’s a Tiger in the Woods!

Did you ever wonder how Lake Salamander got its name? Well it was named after one of its most famous inhabitants! Tiger salamanders live all over the area. Because of their beauty and abundance, it was decided that the lake would be named Lake Salamander!

tiger salamander3

Let’s meet these cute little critters!

Tiger Salamander Fun Facts:

  • Tiger salamanders are found in the middle of North America; from Canada to Mexico.
  • They can grow up to 14″ long (most are around 8″) and weigh up to 4 oz (about the weight of a deck of cards).
  • Tiger salamanders are carnivores! They eat frogs, insects and worms.
  • They are listed as least concern by the IUCN.
  • Tiger salamanders get their name from the stripes on their bodies that resemble the stripes of a tiger.
  • Not all tiger salamanders have stripes though. Some have spots or no markings at all.

tiger salamander

  • They live in deep burrows. Most never leave the burrows except to mate or feed.
  • Tiger salamanders are nocturnal.
  • They lay their eggs in water and in the area where they were born. Sometimes they must travel to reach their birthplace.
  • They are related to the axololt! Their larval stage (not full adult) looks like the axololt- with outside gills.
  • Tiger salamanders can live up to 16 years in the wild.
  • They can regenerate their limbs if lost.

tiger salamander2


Tiger salamanders are amazing creatures. Some never reach full adult stage and live their whole lives as larva! Amphibians are so awesome! We’ll be sure to have a class on amphibian live phases at the University in the fall- there is so much to learn! Woohoo!

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