We’re super excited for today’s craft, as it is the start of another fun activity! Today we’re making nature journals! We have some prompts for you to follow on some of the pages and then free pages to do whatever you like on! Just go to the PDF link at the bottom of the post (Nature Journal 2) and print the pages out! Once you’ve done that- we’ll be ready for you in the craft cabin!



  • Your printed journal sheets
  • markers
  • hole punch
  • string or ribbon
  • one sheet of card stock or construction paper
  • stickers or stamps




  • Punch holes in the top and bottom of all your sheets


  • Take your string and put through both holes.


  • Tie it on the outside- watch to not get your trunk tangled in the string!


  • Use your markers to write your name on the front!


  • Add drawings, stickers and stamps to the front to decorate! You can decorate the back too!

IMG_0749           IMG_0750


Now- get outside and start recording in your nature journal! It’s all yours! Woohoo! Share your pics with us of your finished journals on Facebook and Twitter or you can tag on Instagram @ellieandedmond



Nature Journal2







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