Soooooo Slow!

Sooooo Slow!









Date: 9/21

Location: Amazon Rainforest

  • Sloths are related to armadillos and anteaters.
  • Two-toed sloths are arboreal. They spend most of their lives in the tops of the trees.
  • They only come down once a month to use the bathroom.
  • Like other sloths, they have algae and insects growing in their fur.


  • Toe-toed sloths are nocturnal, they spend their evenings eating flowers and leaves.
  • They are excellent swimmers.
  • Two-toed sloths are larger than their cousins the three-toed sloths.
  • Two-toed sloths have no canines or incisor teeth.








Sloths have always been a favorite of ours. It was a treat to find one on our adventures in the rainforest this week. Of course, we needed binoculars to look so high up in the trees. Can you imagine spending most of your life hanging upside down in the trees? It works for the sloth!

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