Stork Spotting

Stork Spotting









Date: 9/22

Location: Edge of the rainforest

  • Jaribu storks are the tallest flying bird in South & Central America.


  • Storks are mute. They click their beaks to communicate.
  • They gather in flocks in shallow water to feed in groups.
  • Jaribu storks use the red pouch on their neck to filter out water when scooping up food.


  • Females and male jaribu storks build large nests that they use every year. They often add to the nests each year.
  • Females and male jaribu storks incubate the eggs.
  • They can live up to 35 years.


We sat near the edge of a swamp and watched these graceful long-legged births go fishing! They are quiet impressive. Those gorgeous markings are easy to spot on the marshes too! No one thinks storks are pretty, but we do now!



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