A Fish with a Bite!

A Fish with a Bite!









Date: 9/26

Location: Amazon River

  • Red Bellied Piranha  are also known as red piranha.
  • They live in shallow waters of the Amazon river.
  • Red bellied piranha have a mouth full of triangular sharp teeth.
  • They can bite with enormous force.
  • Red bellied piranha rarely feed in groups. Feeding frenzies are rare.
  • If a feeding frenzy does take place, it happens when the fish are starving.
  • Attacks on humans are rare.
  • Red piranha make sounds using muscles associated with their swim bladder.


  • They use these sounds to communicate with each other.


Piranha have such a bad reputation, but that is mostly a myth. They are mostly solitary and they even eat nuts and seeds! We learned quiet a bit about these misunderstood fish on our boat trip today. Tomorrow we head up in to the cloud forest to meet a tiny amphibian.

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