Military Style!

Military Style!









Location: Amazon rainforest

  • Military macaws get their name from their green plumage, which reminded someone of green military uniforms.
  • They are not fully green though; they have blue flight feathers and a red bar around the face and a red lined tail.
  • Military macaws live in large flocks.
  • Like other macaws they are very vocal.
  • Those large beaks are perfect for breaking open even the hardest nut.


  • Military macaws live in higher elevations than most macaws.
  • They nest at the tops of trees or on cliffs.
  • Military macaws can live up to 65 years in the wild.

We had another high climb today. Whew! We are tired and ready to head back to the University for a few days! Watching the military macaws fly in their large flocks was worth the sore fluff- hehehe! These magnificent birds belong in the wild though. We know macaws are popular pets, but they are high maintenance and often are loud, stressed and can outlive their owners! 


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