Is That a Lion in the Tree?

Is that a Lion in the Tree?









Date: 9/28

Location: Brazilian Rainforest


  • Golden Lion Tamarins have beautiful golden coats and fluffy manes around their faces.
  • They are diurnal (active during the day) and arboreal (live in the trees).
  • Golden Lion Tamarins live in small family groups led by a female-male breeding pair.
  • Mother Golden lion tamarins give birth to 1 or 2 offspring.
  • Father Golden lion tamarins take care of the babies and carry them on their backs. They give them to their mom when it’s time for feeding.

img_2325 golden-lion-tamarin3



Golden lion tamarins are adorable, but they are endangered. We saw a group because ranchers have saved parts of their land to give the monkeys a home. Zoos in America are raising these tamarins and sending them back to the wild to be released. They are tagged with radio collars and followed by scientists! This is conservation at work. It takes all of us!

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