Meet Sally Lightfoot

Meet Sally Lightfoot!








Date: 10/12

Location: Galapagos Islands

  • Sally lightfoot crabs vary in color.
  • They live on rock shores.


  • Sally lightfoots are also known as the red rock crab.
  • Juvenile crabs are darker in coloration- brown or black. This helps them camouflage in with the volcanic rock of the islands.
  • They are fast and very agile.
  • Baby sally lightfoots hatch from eggs in the ocean, where they spend the first part of their lives growing and eating plankton.
  • Sally lightfoots can shed a leg when they are grabbed by a predator.



We had such a ball watching these gregarious crabs on the rocks. They jump and leap and so agile on a habitat that other animals do not do so well on. It is so cool to know each creature occupies their spot in the environment.

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