Lava Lizards Not Lamps

Lava Lizards Not Lamps







Date: 10/18

Location: Galapagos Islands

  • Lava lizards can vary in color, from bright colors to drab browns.
  • They can change their color when they are in danger or if the temperature drops.
  • These carnivores help keep insect populations down.


  • Females lay eggs that incubate for 12 months. Baby lava lizards hatch out and are around 2″ long!
  • They are diurnal.
  • Female lava lizards mature at 9 months, but it takes a male up to 3 years to fully mature!



Wow, who knew these little lizards were so interesting! They are favorite meal of the Galapagos Hawk! Thank goodness they camouflage in with their habitats!

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