Whoooooo Did We Spot?

Whoooooo Did We Spot?







We spent our first night in a cabin in the forest. The trees are so big and tall. We hope to learn more about the trees while we are here, not just the animals. It is definitely chilly, but we sat on the back porch so that we could listen and look for this animal. And man did we hear them and we did spot one with our night vision goggles! We found the great horned owl.



  • Great horned owls have feathery tufts on their heads.
  • They are the most abundant owl in the Americas.


  • They have been known to predate on falcons, other owls and even scorpions.
  • Great horned owls are nocturnal.
  • Male great horned owls are smaller than the females.
  • Great horned owls are known to mate for life. You can often hear pairs call to each other.
  • They have bright amazing yellow eyes.



We could have stayed up all night to listen to the owls calling each other! Take a listen to their haunting calls. These amazing raptors can be found all over North America, but it sure was neat to spot them on our first night in the temperate rainforest!

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