We Call a Spade a Spadefoot!

We Call A Spade A Spadefoot!







We slept in after looking for great horned owls. During the day we met a herpetologist and we went looking for frogs and toads. We found the cutest little toads- called the Great Basin Spadefoot.

Date 11/3

Location: Pacific Northwest

  • Great Basin Spadefoots have warty skin.
  • They produce a toxin and it is used to ward off predators.
  • Great basin spadefoots can vary from brown to grey to olive in color.


  • Great basin spadefoots have spade on their front feet to help them dig in the ground.
  • They come out at night to absorb moisture from the air.
  • They are dormant in the fall and winter.



We were lucky to spot some toads as fall is setting in and these amphibians are heading in their dens for the season. They live off their fat stores while they are their! NEAT!

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