An Elk Named Roosevelt

An Elk Named Roosevelt

Today we went looking for one of the largest members of the North American elk family. It’s a great time of year to find these great animals, as it is mating season. We could hear them call in the mist in the morning. Did you know that males coat themselves in urine to attract the ladies? Eeeeewww…









Date: 11/7

Location: Pacific Northwest

  • Roosevelt elks were named after President Teddy Roosevelt.
  • They have large antlers with three point tips on each one. Those are called crowns. Only the males have antlers.
  • Like other animals with antlers, they shed them during the fall and winter.


  • Some herds of elk migrate, while others do not. It all depends on food supply throughout the year.
  • Elk have two large canine teeth made of ivory. They are the only animal with antlers to have such teeth. It is believed to be a remnant of their extinct ancestors.
  • Adult male elks are called bulls. They are solitary or live in bachelor groups.
  • Elk are very vocal.


We had such a great time in the forest watching the elk graze on ferns and moss.  We found a few more males and goodness did they stink! We sure are glad lady elks (cows) enjoy that smell. Mating season is called The Rut- neat!




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