Tree Frog Fun!

Tree Frog Fun!

We headed out with our night vision goggles the day after spotting elk. We had to wait and listen to find the tree dwelling amphibians we were in search for! We spotted those cute little frogs and learned more about them.



Date: 11/8

Location: Pacific Norhtwest

  • Pacific Tree Frogs vary in color, from brown to tan to grey.
  • Individual frogs can even change color, when they are threatened.
  • Pacific tree frogs have sticky pads on their toes to help them climb. These frogs do tend to spend more time on the ground though.
  • These frogs are famous for their call. If you hear a frog call on tv on in the movies, it is most likely that of a pacific tree frog.


  • The pacific tree frog is the state frog in Washington state.
  • Male pacific tree frogs have dark throat pouches.
  • They are nocturnal.


We had fun sitting in the forest listening to the frogs sing. It is so peaceful. Edmond even dozed off while we sat there! Hehehehe!

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