Another Newt

Another Newt

We headed back to our main camp by the rainforest to find a very small animal compared to large bears we meet yesterday! We discovered this little amphibian under some rocks and leaves. We did the happy  dance when we met the rough skinned newt!









Date: 11/14

Location: Temperate Rainforest


  • Rough skinned newts have rough, bumpy skin as implied by their name.
  • They are brownish-black in color with yellow to orange bellies.
  • Rough skinned newts feed at night.


  • Rough skinned newts toxin is similar to the toxin that puffer fish produce.
  • They can live as long as 12 years!
  • The common garter snake is the rough skinned newt’s only predator. The snakes have developed immunity to their toxin.


These toxic little amphibians are definitely cute! We had fun looking for them in the rainforest! Of course, it was a look don’t touch expedition for sure though!


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