Grateful for Nature

Grateful for Nature


Thanksgiving is this week here at HQs and we have decided to use this week to talk about what we are grateful for- in nature! If we love this earth and all its animal inhabitants, then we can use that passion to help protect it! We asked all our fans and friends on social media what part of nature are they grateful for and here are there answers:


Daphne: Sunshine

Katy: Autumn

Traveling Mocha: Bananas

Mr Bear: Bears

Tourguide Ted: bees

Muckle & Peedie:

The magic, wonder, beauty, power, mystery, peacefulness, inspiration, hope. Nature nourishes my heart & soul.

Milos Parrots: All of it

Sears Bear: Food, winter cave & hibernation

Shy Bun: the sun! A sunny day and sun puddles make this family smile!

Teresa: Green- trees, leaves, grass, plants- love them all.

April: her ability to change seasons and remain beautiful.

Hiking Diva: Sunrises -Sunsets- Waterfalls- Vistas- Critters- Paw prints- Solitude- Color- Geology- Serenity

These were some great reasons to be grateful for nature! Can you think of what you are grateful for in nature? We are grateful for large habitats for animals to call home. We are grateful for all the humans who help protect those homes and the animals that live here!

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