We Spot a Spotted Owl

We Spot a Spotted Owl

After spending the day watching Clark’s Nutcrackers, we took a nap and had dinner by the fire. We wanted to stay up to find another bird. These raptors were are threatened by habitat loss, so we were very lucky to find them in the dark of night.








Date: 11/17

Location: Temperate Rainforest

  • Spotted owls are rather large.
  • They are known to eat flying squirrels and bats in flight!
  • Spotted owls have dark colored eyes, as opposed to yellow or orange like most owls.
  • Spotted owls prefer old growth forests.


  • Like other raptors, the females are larger than the males.
  • They do mate for life.



We loved spotting these rare birds. The three subspecies are scattered and with their forest disappearing it is making harder to for them to survive. We can all help,  by using less paper and recycling as  much paper as you can! Every little bit helps!







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One thought on “We Spot a Spotted Owl

  1. Funny that Jen told me she saw a truck loaded with lumber yesterday and she wondered how many trees died and animals lost their homes to load one truck.

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