Sooty Sooty

Sooty Sooty!

We spent our last day in the lovely temperate rainforest meeting the Sooty grouse! These funny birds were so fun and gregarious. We had never met a grouse- so it was exciting to meet this one!








Date: 11/30

Location: Temperate Rainforest

  • Sooty grouse spend most of their time foraging on the ground.
  • They will eat pine needles in trees during the winter.
  • They are closely related to dusky and blue grouse.
  • Males sing deep loud songs and strut with their tail feathers raised and their neck feathers puffed out!


  • Females incubate the eggs and raise the chicks, who follow their mother around.
  • Chicks are full grown at 13 weeks.







We had fun watching these birds walking around and heading up into the trees to eat. We love their funny tail feathers. We think the grouse look like a peacock and a turkey had a baby! They are cute and funny looking at the same time!


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