Off to the Arctic

Off to the Arctic


We had such a great time in the Pacific Northwest in November, but it’s off to the Arctic for December. The arctic is so iconic during this time of year, as it is the home of the big fat guy in the red suit- Santa! We thought it would be fun to meet the animals that call the Arctic home including; reindeer, owls, fox and marine mammals! We can hardly wait to meet these amazing creatures that have adapted to live in this cold weather climate.

We have packed a whole bunch of gear and we’ll be wearing our cold weather gear when we go on our adventures. Horses and elephants are built for these cold temps- but that’s the fun of going on adventures- surviving the habitat and weather!

Fun Arctic Facts:

  • The Arctic is the northern most habitat on our earth. The Arctic circle runs through Asia, Europe and North America.
  • The Arctic has one day of full night (during winter) and one day of full light (during summer).
  • The Arctic gets is name from the Greek word for bear- Arktos. This is from the constellations that are over the northern skies- Little Bear & Great Bear.
  • The Arctic ocean lies within the Arctic circle.
  • Much of the Arctic is the tundra, which has permanent frozen ground. Most plants that grow in the Arctic are small shrubs, moss and lichen.

Grab your cold weather gear and let’s get ready for a great adventure this month!

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