Fluffy White Owl

Fluffy White Owl

We started out our Arctic circle adventure looking for one of its most famous residents. We went out looking for the snowy owl. These large owls are known from the Harry Potter books. They are amazing and so cool to see!








Date: 12/6

Location: Northern Canada- arctic circle

  • Snowy owls are covered in long white feathers. The feathers cover every part of them including their feet and beak.
  • They are most active at dusk and dawn, but are diurnal (active during the day) during the summer when there is little darkness.


  • Females are larger than males and have molted or spotted brown colors on their feathers. This helps them blend in with the ground.
  • Snowy owls nest on the ground.
  • They have excellent hearing and eyesight.
  • Snowy owls mate for life and both the male and female take care of the chicks.
  • Snowy owls are ambush predators!

snowy-owl2 snowy-owl






After watching these amazing predators for several hours, we headed back to our cabin for the rest of the day to warm up. We had to rest up to meet tomorrow’s animal.

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