Cold Weather Hare

Cold Weather Hare

We were so excited to meet today’s animal. Yesterday we met the snowy owl and today we met another white fluffy animal in the cold weather. Instead of the feathery kind of animal, we met a furry one!








Date: 12/7

Location: Arctic Circle

  • They have thick coats of fur that turn brown-gray in the summer and white in the winter to help them camouflage.
  • Up to 20% of their body is fat!
  • Arctic hares have large feet that help them walk in the snow.


  • Arctic hares have smaller ears to help them regulate their body heat, smaller ears lose less heat!
  • They hide in rocky outcrops and crevices.
  • Arctic hares do not hibernate.
  • They can be solitary or found in groups.







We had such a great time spotting these white hares. We love their ears withe the dark patches. Those dark spots absorb the heat. They are hardy little mammals. We are amazed at the adaptations that animals have to survive such harsh habitats.

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