The Real Wolverine!

The Real Wolverine

We headed out to meet the real wolverine, the furry ferocious animal that is famous for its tenacious attitude! This arctic dwellers are so cool!








Date: 12/8

Location: Arctic Circle

  • Wolverines are solitary.
  • They occupy a large territory and will roam up to 15 miles a day.
  • Wolverines live in North America, Asia and Europe.
  • They are called the “skunk bear” by the Blackfeet Indians.


  • Wolverines do not hibernate.
  • Their dense fur helps them stay warm even in the snowiest conditions.
  • Wolverines have webbed feet that act like snowshoes.
  • Females give birth to 2-5 kits (babies) in late winter in a den. The kits are white!
  • Wolverines are often found in rugged areas.
  • They have a strong sense of smell. They can find carrion buried 6 feet in the snow.

wolverine2 wolverine






These little furry animals are very cute, but they are tough and territorial. It’s best not to confront one. Even though they are listed by the IUCN as Least Concern, they have disappeared from much of their home range. They are no longer found in most of the US now, even though they once called the Rockies home.

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