We’re Seeing Red

We’re Seeing Red

We decided to go diving in the kelp forest today to see if we could find an elusive but super cool animal- the red octopus! Octopus are one of our favorites. These cephalopods are intelligent and amazing!










Date: 1/10

Location: Kelp forest

Red Octopus Fun Facts

  •  Red octopus have thousands of chemical receptors on their suckers to help them find food. Those same suckers also have millions of touch receptors.
  • Adult red octopus can be found as deep as 600 feet below the ocean’s surface.
  • Like other octopus, they can change color and texture in seconds!
  • Red octopus have a nasty venom they spit out after biting prey or a predator.
  • They use their sharp beaks to pry open shells of their favorite prey.


  • Red octopus have excellent eyesight.
  • They are nocturnal.
  • Often red octopus leave the shells of their prey outside the caverns they hide in.


These cunning predators are amazing to watch. Cephalopods always astound us with their ability to change color and texture so quickly. They are also highly intelligent and have been known to work out complicated puzzles in aquariums! Neat!


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One thought on “We’re Seeing Red

  1. Dangrdafne

    Pretty like the sunrise this morning but a little creepy too. Lol

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